Consumer Council boss blasts govt economic advisors for leading country astray

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By Business Reporter

CONSUMER Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) deputy director, Rose Mpofu has scorned government’s highly qualified economic advisors for allegedly leading the country astray and failing to proffer correct advice to avert the current economic mess.

She was speaking during last week’s retailer’s breakfast meeting in Harare.

“It is disturbing to note that most government departments have a lot of economists coming in all shapes and some even being called chief economists. But why after such efforts of investing in education do we continue to see this kind of madness in our economy?” she said.

Zimbabwe has seen its fragile economy take a nose dive with Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s recent fledgling tenure turning way too disastrous. 

Prices of goods and services have shot through the roof while cash shortages on the formal market remain critical.

The local bond note continues to plunge in terms of its value compared to the US dollar but authorities insist the two were equal.

But Mpofu did not mince her words in condemning those paid to give correct advice to government on delicate economic matters.

She said it was now common that even before some economists began talking on a subject, one would easily guess what they would say because of inherent biases they had towards certain matters.

“We encourage these economists to form an association and speak with one voice like what doctors do,” she said.

She warned against government’s continued denial the bond note was way weaker than the US dollar.

She also called on government to allow the market to determine the real value of the US dollar adding that this would go a long way in stabilising runaway prices.