Cop Bashes Councillor For ‘Violating Lockdown Regulations’

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By Staff Reporter

A Kwekwe councillor says he was assaulted by a female police officer on his way from council office where he had gone to alert city Director of Works John Mhike about a blocked sewer in his ward.

Councillor Washington Moyo was being accused of violating the country’s Covid-19 induced lockdown measures through movement without an exemption letter.

The police officer, Moyo said, told the city father bluntly that residents should learn to cope with blocked sewer during the lockdown period.

“I was assaulted by a police officer on my way from Civic Centre where I went to alert Engineer Mhike of the sewage which was causing unrest to residents due to continuous blockage,” Moyo narrated.

He said he met his ordeal while approaching central Kwekwe.

“As I was about to approach Telecel, I met a soldier in the company of a female police officer. The soldier asked me who I was and my business in town and I told him that I am a councillor,” Moyo said.

“He was quick to understand that councillors do work during the lockdown period so that services remain normal, and he passed.

“A police officer, who was in the company of the soldier but walking a small distance behind confronted me and enquired on the object of my visit into the CBD and I told her.

“She however became hostile and started beating me up, saying that I have to teach people from my community to cope up with the situation during lockdown.

“Her soldier companion cautioned her and apologised on her behalf,” he said.

The councillor then made a police report.

“I then went to see the officer in charge at Kwekwe Central and explained to him my issue. He also apologised on behalf of his junior,” Moyo said.

“He asked me to get an exemption letter written for me so that I use both council badge and a letter.”