Corruption accused Bindura area prosecutor promoted

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By Staff Reporter

AN angry Bindura resident has put up a fight to have Bindura area prosecutor Garudzo Ziyadhuma investigated for corruptly declining prosecution in a case he has handled, been promoted.

To his chagrin, the resident, Caiphas Makuwe has actually seen Ziyadhuma promoted despite his claims of corruption.

Makuwe told that he had tried to have Ziyadhuma investigated but his efforts have been met with “sneers.”

“Its been frustrating really. I have tried to have Ziyadhuma investigated after reporting a case of possible corruption but to my shock, the Prosecutor General (Kumbirai Hodzi) has promoted him,” said Makuwe.

In a letter to the chairperson of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Special Anti-Corruption Unit, Thabani Mpofu, Makuwe laid out his case against the prosecutor.

“On March 6th, two accused persons namely Francis Chivare and Doricah Magwagwa were arrested for contempt of court. The two were summoned to appear in court on 23 April 2018. I was also summoned as a witness. On this day the area prosecutor Mr Ziyadhuma declined to prosecute insisting that Mr D Ngwerume, the accused’s lawyer had obtained a condonation order under case number HC/148/18-BNP 267/16.

“As a result of Mr Ziyadhuma’s corrupt tendencies, ZRP Bindura rural CR11/03/18 was improperly, falsely and unjustifiably closed. Hope this will be resuscitated back in court soon. Mr Ziyadhuma should be relieved of his duties. He is one of those giving the President sleepless nights as far as corruption is concerned,” he said.

According to Makuwe, Ziyadhuma used the condonation to deny prosecution claiming it served the same purpose as an appeal.

Mpofu in a letter to Hodzi dated April 16th, acknowledged having received Makuwe’s complaint and suggested the issue be given due consideration.

Contacted for comment, Mnangagwa’s corruption busting point-man confirmed he had received the complaint.

“Its true we have received that complaint and forwarded it to the Prosecutor General. I am certain he is working on it. I would not be privy to promotions or demotions in the PG’s office,” said Mpofu.

Instead of investigating the matter, Hodzi promoted Ziyadhuma leaving Makuwe seething with anger. The aggrieved villager wrote another stinging letter to Mpofu.

“We are being asked day and night to report corruption to the relevant authorities so that the culprits are brought to book. Here I have a strange case. When I reported my case to you about Mr A Ziyadhuma it became a recipe for his promotion.

“No wonder Zimbabwe is now ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The President must not ask of corruption anymore, he is not being listened to or assisted at all by the concerned offices,” said Makuwe in the May 13 letter.

The next day, Mpofu wrote to Hodzi stressing the need to safeguard the integrity of the Prosecutor General’s office.

“This matter is being referred to you for remedial action to be taken, to the perception that has been created to Mr Makuwe to the effect that the attitude of both SACU and NPA to corruption is that of indifference,” the SACU chairman said.

Hodzi, while confirming the issue, could not be drawn into commenting on reports of Ziyadhuma’s promotion but added investigations are on.

“We are not at liberty to comment on that. Internal processes are ongoing and any comments at this stage might prejudice investigations,” said Hodzi.