Corruption will not be tolerated: Obert Mpofu

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HOME Affairs minister, Obert Mpofu says the new political dispensation which has seen the assumption of power by President Emmerson Mnangagwa needs people who are not corrupt.

He was giving the closing marks Wednesday at the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) reception ceremony for equipment hired from South Africa to compliment the company’s decrepit stock.

The former minister of mines suggested that Mnangagwa’s administration was more serious and committed to tackling corruption and fostering development in the country.

Mnangagwa took over power last November after long-time ruler Robert Mugabe was forced to step down under military pressure.

“People should realise that things have change,” said Mpofu.

“The time of insulting each other and corruption is over. Those people who have been practising corruption should realise that their time is over.”

“We should now be talking of developing in our country,” he added amid murmurs of disapproval from the crowd.

Mpofu, said to be one of cabinet’s richest ministers, has been implicated in several corruption scandals over the years.

While Mines and Mining Development Minister, he was accused of demanding a US$10 million bribe by businessman Lovemore Kurotwi.

Former president Mugabe also admitted that $15 billion was lost in Marange since the commencement of diamond mining in the area. Mpofu was the Minister of Mines and Mining Development at the time.