Council officers land Town House in trouble after erroneously impounding human rights lawyers’ vehicle

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE City Traffic officers Thursday got council in hot soup with disgruntled Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) after impounding its vehicle under unclear circumstances.

The vehicle, had been fined US$68 for a yet to be ascertained crime before intervention of ZLHR’s Paidamoyo Saurombe who gave Town House four hours to release it, failure of which they would sue.

It was eventually released.

A ZLHR driver had encountered council and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers along Sam Nujoma street, just before an illegal long distance rank.

The vehicle had been blocked from going forward by illegal taxi operators when the driver was ordered to move. Attempts to explain the situation were dismissed.

“It was a minor understanding, everything was worked out,” said Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume.

Mafume is set to share new council policy relating to clamping, impounding and fines following uproar against their City Parking operation.

Already the vehicle parking revenue collector has announced relaxed new rules on late payment of tickets which had been a major sticking point.