Council red flag as partisan food distribution leaves Gokwe urbanites starving

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By Staff Reporter

Gokwe: Town Chairperson Never Gwanzura has accused Zanu PF of politicising food aid, in the process, condemning a lot of people living in urban Gokwe to starvation.

Gwanzura said those who have been denied food assistance are those known to be supporters of the opposition.

Authorities have said the food was meant for starving villagers in parts of the Midlands area.

Gwanzura said Zanu PF structures have gone on to hijack and distribute the aid to their supporters within the same urban areas.

“As MDC councillors, there is no food aid which has been given to councillors in urban Gokwe as yet for distribution.

“However, there is food which is coming through Zanu PF structures. We have seen rice and farming inputs coming through Zanu PF agents.

“We are told that no food is given to urban people. We are surprised to see the same aid being distributed by Zanu PF agents,” he told Friday.

Gwanzura said nothing has come of the numerous complaints they have raised with relevant authorities over the practice.

“We have engaged the social welfare (department), but they told us that the social welfare does not have food assistance since all the assistance is for rural areas.”

Gwanzura said the situation was dire for most people who have been taken off their vending stalls due to a government declared national lockdown.