Coup fears: Leaked audio rant reveals panicky Mnangagwa wife being watched by military

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By Leopold Munhende

A leaked audio that went viral on social media late Monday, reportedly bearing the voice of First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has raised alarm that President Mnangagwa’s administration is in danger of a coup.

Mnangagwa rose to power in November 2017 on the back of a military coup that toppled his long time mentor, President Robert Mugabe.

Since then, there have been reports of deep divisions in the army with one side behind the new Zanu PF leader while another is backing former Commander Defence Forces and now Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

In the audio, a panicky Auxillia is heard hysterically shouting at a suspected Military Intelligence (MI) operative identified as Murombo questioning why he had ordered his subordinates to track her every move.

A former state spy herself, Auxillia suggested the army officer could go ahead and kill Mnangagwa and spare her.

“You are spying on me, if you ask Manjoro he will tell you that I told him that I will ask you about it, what do you want from me Murombo?

“If I die, it is on you. You were using Manjoro to give you details of my whereabouts and now that he is gone you have started again,” the First Lady is heard saying in the eight minute audio.

“Just tell me what you want from me Murombo because you cannot spy on me. It is almost a year and I have been quiet. Why are you spying on me? This matter will not rest. I am coming to your office, it is better you pull out your gun and shoot me.”

While the man at the end of the line tried desperately to explain himself and requesting for space to do so, the female voice continued with the rant.

“Who are you telling my whereabouts? What do you need that information for? I am coming to deal with you,” shouts Auxillia.

The usually calm and composed First Lady sounds both angry and in fear at the year-long spying by the MI.

“If it is Mnangagwa whom you do not want just kill him and leave me alone I have my own surname, I do not speak politics, I do not speak about the army, what if I die another death do you think you will survive?

“You planted Mhlanga in my office as low in rank as he is, do you think I am a fool. I am a trained somebody. You are seeking to deal with Mnangagwa through me through tracking my phone, am I Mnangagwa?” she queried.

Auxillia then seemed to plead for the military to spare her life.

“You are stupid, I will expose you, I do not care about your post but you personally. I am shocked. I am just a woman, a granny but I have powerful people like you spying on me. Go shoot Mnangagwa and spare me. I am no threat to anyone.

“Go and shoot Mnangagwa do not shoot me, I am not a threat, go and shoot Mnangagwa,” the First Lady said.

Unlike her predecessor Grace Mugabe, Auxillia has tried not to be political instead choosing peripheral focusing on humanitarian assistance in disadvantaged communities.

If discovered to be true her rant exposes rifts within the military assisted setup of 2017 which brought back Mnangagwa after being hounded out of the country by Mugabe.

There is alleged growing unrest in the military with reports that Mnangagwa was arm-twisted into giving army officers a $400 cushioning allowance to forestall a possible repeat of November 2017.

Opposition MDC vice president Tendai Biti recently predicted another coup, arguing that existing conditions mirror the pre-2017 coup conditions in every aspect.

“An Armageddon, in the form of another military coup and this is a point which I keep on seeing, that the signs are there just as they were obvious in 2017.

“If you look at some of the things we wrote, we were arguing as far back as 2013 that there will be a coup in this country. Of course we could not predict 14, 15, 16 November but all the material conditions of another coup are in existence in Zimbabwe at the moment,” said the Harare East legislator.

“Remember if you study history, there is no coup which is a solitary coup, a coup always comes with a twin brother or multiple brothers.”