Court drama as man attacks ex-wife after losing $42k maintenance case

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By Court Reporter

BUSINESS came to a standstill at Harare’s Rotten Row Magistrate’s court Friday when a 44-year man went berserk and assaulted his ex-wife outside the court building soon after he was convicted for defaulting on paying maintenance.

Levison Pasichigere was convicted for abandoning his maintanance obligations for his wife, Cathrine and the couple’s four children after a full trial.

He was $42,000 in arrears but the magistrate was yet to pass sentence against him when he attacked his ex.

“I don’t care even if you take photos of me. You don’t know what I have been through already,” he shouted as he was dragged back into the court building by police who went on to open another domestic violence docket against him.

As his docket was being prepared, Pasichigere was at pains to tell everyone who cared to listen that his former wife was ungrateful.

“She provoked me as we walked outside.

“I don’t know why she is so ungrateful. Only last week I processed a loan of $95 000 for her; not for my own benefit,” he said.

Some men who appeared to be friends with Pasichigere told that the latter was forced to seek a loan for his wife and children owing to economic hardships.

They said the arrangement was that the money would sustain her and the kids for a period while he found time to pay the money back.

Pasichigere’s colleagues further said the estranged wife now had boyfriends who encouraged her to report her husband despite that he had given her $95 000.

In court, Pasichigere argued that he never defaulted on maintenance payment.

He said he deposited the money into his ex’s EcoCash account on a monthly basis.

But the wife successfully argued that the money she received from Pasichigere was her own salary since she was employed as a secretary for his security company.

Pasichigere is expected back in court to answer to the new charge of contravening the Domestic Violence Act.