Court frees ‘rapist’ step mother

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By Staff Reporter

MUTARE regional magistrate Lucy Mungwari has acquitted a Harare woman accused of raping her 10-year-old stepson.

Patience Musabayana (34) was facing two counts of rape but walked free Monday for lack of evidence Monday.

Musabayana is the second wife to the boy’s father.

It is the State’s case that sometime in 2016, Musabayana asked the boy to go and buy some groceries.

After buying some groceries in the city centre, Musabayana took the boy to his father’s workplace in the Mutare industrial area.

While at the Nyakamete industrial area, she was said to have locked the main gate and entered the boy’s father’s office.

Musabayana allegedly locked the doors, closed curtains and told the boy she wanted to teach him to be a real man.

The woman reportedly started to touch the boy’s privates and proceeded to remove his clothes, the court heard.

It had also been alleged that she removed his clothes and ‘raped’ him once.

In count two, court had heard, sometime in October 2017, Musabaya, as usual, took the boy from his school premises.

She drove him to his father’s work premises where she used the same modus operandi and ‘raped’ the boy once, it was alleged.

It had also been alleged Musabayana threatened to kill the boy if she told anyone about the experience.

However, the matter came to light in February this year after the boy shared his experience with his biological mother who then made a report at Mutare Central Police Station.

In her defence, which carried the day, Musabayana told the court that the whole rape story was a creation of the boy’s mother, with whom she had a bitter relationship.