Court gallery in stiches as thieving model lawyer shifts blame to shop attendant

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DEFENCE COUNSEL of the model accused of stealing a jumpsuit from Edgars Stores Monday accused shop attendant of planting the garment in the woman’s handbag to embarrass her.
Lovemore Matapure made the allegations during cross examination with the shop attendant, Hilda Bwenje, as part of his desperate arguments which proved to be lame to the court gallery.
Matapure is representing Mercy Kamanura, 24, who is the reigning second princess of Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe.
“What would you say if I put it to you that you are the one who put that garment in her handbag since she was equally surprised to find it there?” he asked.
“You admitted that she took two garments with her into the fitting room and that she handed them back to you; so how could the other jumpsuit have ended in her bag. Was that possible?
He continued, “What would be your comment if I tell you that the offence can be treated as attempted theft since she had not yet left the shop,” he said leaving the gallery in stitches with some people loudly scornful of his defence.
Matapure further told the shop attendant that she was the last person to have entered the fitting room where the hanger and price tag of the stolen jumpsuit were found as such there was a possibility that she discarded the two exhibits to strengthen a case against the accused.
He said the jumpsuit and the hanger could not fit into his client’s bag as such there was no way she could have hidden the third jumpsuit in the bag.
Kamanura is alleged to have taken only two jumpsuits into the fitting room which she handed back to Bwenje. She was however found with another jumpsuit in her bag.
Her defence was that she was too shy to hand it back as she did not know how it got into her bag.
However, Bwenje told the lawyer to ask her client how the jumpsuit got into her bag.
“Who can I explain how the jumpsuit ended in her hand bag? She is the one in a position to explain that before the court,” she said.
Bwenje told court that it was her duty to check the fitting rooms every day before closing.
She said Kamanura was the last customer to get into the shop the day she was arrested.
The jumpsuit which the model allegedly stole is valued $40 and exclusive to Edgars.Advertisement