Court Grants 50 Evicted Chipinge Families Right To Return Home

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By Staff Reporter

AT LEAST 50 families in Chipinge which were evicted before their homes were burnt down by an army colonel and the police last month have won a court order to return to their homesteads.

The evictions took place at Annex Farm, but the affected villagers discovered through their lawyer Lovemore Madhuku, that the eviction notice served on them was only for seven people.

The eviction affected a total of 362 villagers, who include babies after one Colonel Makuyana sought a court order to evict the families before setting their huts on fire. For the past five weeks, the affected families have been sleeping in the open at Chiriga business centre.

“There was a default judgment which only applied to about seven people and yet hundreds of people got evicted and such an order is invalid. They went back to stay at the farm on the basis that the order is being challenged,” said Madhuku.

However, on return to their homes, they were arrested by the police on charges they were in breach of peace and will be appearing at the Chipinge Magistrates’ Courts on 3 November.

Madhuku confirmed he will represent them on the day.

The villagers are also appealing for help including tents for shelter after their huts were burnt to the ground.