COURT: Male house-keeper wakes up to find ‘gay’ colleague fondling his penis and bottom

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By Staff Reporter

A Masvingo man who had just been employed as a housekeeper received shock of his life when a male workmate made sexual advances on him as they slept, a Masvingo court heard Thursday.

Clever Zengeya, 33, pleaded not guilty to indecent assault when he appeared before magistrate Langton Ndokera.

He allegedly caressed 25-year-old Obey Mwazha’s penis and buttocks on the night of August 3 this year.

Zengeya was remanded in custody to 20 August for continuation of trial.

Prosecutor Fidelis Nyamukondiwa told the court that on the day in question Mwazha had just secured employment as a housekeeper in the Masvingo suburb of Rhoden.

Court heard that on the same day Mwazha was introduced to Zengeya who was supposed to teach the new employee the household chores to be carried out as part of his job.

The two were then given a cottage to sleep in and shared the same bed and blankets.

At around 8pm the two retired to bed and Mwazha became fast asleep while putting on his underpants.

Zengeya then took advantage of his colleague’s deep slumber and near-nakedness to caress his (Mwazha)’s buttocks and penis.

The latter was woken up by the unusual advances and got out of the blankets.

He put on a tracksuit and returned to bed but Zengeya who had earlier apologised again attempted to caress his colleague after which Mwazha went to sleep on the floor until morning.

The matter came to light after Mwazha informed his uncle who encouraged him to file a police report leading to the arrest of Zengeya