Court Orders Impala Car Rental To Release Details On Vehicle Used For Abduction

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By Mary Taruvinga

BULAWAYO High Court judge, Justice Evangelista Kabasa has ordered Impala Car Rental and the Harare High Court sheriff to give Tawanda Muchehiwa information that will assist him in unravelling the identity of his abductors.

Muchehiwa was allegedly abducted by suspected state agents in Bulawayo on 30 July and was tortured over three him.

He was later found dumped near his home with severe injuries and is currently hospitalised receiving treatment.

His abduction was captured on CCTV and it later emerged that one of the vehicles used in the kidnapping belonged to Impala Car Rental.

However, the car rental company has not been forthcoming with the information regarding the identity of the person who hired the vehicle and also GPS information showing all the places the vehicle went during the time it was hired on the days in question.

This has forced Muchehiwa to seek the court’s intervention and an order has been granted in his favour to have access to the details.

The sheriff of the High Court agreed to retrieve the requested information next Tuesday.

The order reads; “It be and is hereby declared that the applicant is entitled to such documents, information or route map as it has demanded of the respondent, for purposes of enforcing or vindicating applicant’s rights as against the respondent and or any such person as the vehicle may have been hired to cover the period extending from the 26th of July 2020 and 6th of August 2020,” read the order.

The sheriff was ordered to go to the company’s premises and recover the information regarding the hire of a Ford Ranger registration AES 2433.

Muchehiwa’s lawyer Nqobani Sithole said; “The order directs him to execute within 48 hours, but l am advised by our corresponding lawyers in Harare that the sheriff has since said he shall do it on Tuesday. It’s just unfortunate.”