Court orders VP Mohadi’s son to pay RTGS$100 child maintenance

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Bulawayo Correspondent

A Bulawayo magistrate on Friday ordered Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s son, Campbell Junior to pay his ex-girlfriend RTGS$100 for maintenance for his disputed 11-month-old daughter.

Magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu also advised Mohadi to go for DNA tests within the next six months to ascertain the paternity of the child, which Mohadi is denying.

“You are to pay RTGS$100 per month and since you are also disputing the paternity of the child, I advise you to go for DNA tests within the next six months, failure of which the current judgement will be confirmed,” ruled the magistrate.

Mohadi Junior’s ex-girlfriend, Sharon Mukarazita dragged the vice president’s son to the maintenance court two weeks for failing to take care of the infant.

Mukaratiza is a serving member of the national army.

She wanted Campbell to pay RTGS$180 but the magistrate reduced the amount to RTGS$100 per month after he had pleaded with the court to lower the amount as he was earning RTGS$438 per month.

“I am employed by the Air Force of Zimbabwe as a pilot and I earn RTGS$ 438 per month and I can only offer RTGS$100 maintenance for the child who is not mine,” said Mohadi Junior.

VP Mohadi is also embroiled in a messy divorce with his former wife Tambudzani who is demanding RTGS$13 394 in monthly maintenance from him arguing that the top government official earns a substantial amount.