Court: Ritual snake licks sperm as man rapes male friend

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MARONDERA: A 36-year-old man has appeared in court charged with sodomising his male friend while threatening to cast demons on him if he resisted.

Court heard that the accused would also force his victim to masturbate and ejaculate on his stomach after which a snake would lick the sperm.

Prosecutors said Gabriel Mafika repeatedly raped his friend after offering him accommodation and promising the victim employment.

At one time, the victim contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and that Mafika helped him to get treatment after which the abuse continued.

The rape started in January this year when the victim asked Mafika for help with accommodation.

According to prosecutor Courage Chakawa, Mafika obliged his friend and further promised to get him a job at a local milling company.

On the day the friends started co-habiting, Mafika reportedly told the victim that it was taboo go to bed wearing clothes in his house as they retired for the night.

The victim ignored the instruction but later walk up during the night to find Mafika trying to strip him naked.

When he challenged Mafika, the latter reportedly threatened to cast evil spirits on him if he resisted.

Court heard that, out of fear, the victim submitted and, from that day onwards, victim would be repeatedly either raped or forced to masturbate on Mafika’s stomach.

At one time the friend contracted an STI and court heard that Mafika gave him money for treatment at a local clinic after which the abuse continued.

According to prosecutor Chakawa, Mafika kept a snake for ritual purposes and he would often make the reptile their sperms after the abuse.

Court heard that the victim later summoned the courage to report the abuse to the police leading to Mafika’s arrest.