Covid-19: Supermarket Customers Banned From Picking Fruits On Their Own

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By Staff Reporter

SUPERMARKET customers would soon be barred from collecting fruits from the shelves on their own amid attempts to lesson the spread of Covid-19.

This came out during a Friday meeting between the health ministry and representatives from the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR).

Under the country’s current lockdown measures, supermarkets have been allowed to operate as they fall under sectors designated as essential services.

As part of the resolutions during the meeting at Kaguvi Building in Harare, it was resolved customers should not pick fruits.

“Retailers and Wholesalers to help with a. enforcing mandatory masks wearing – staff and customers b. to ban self-service on fruits to avoid customers from physically touching with bare hands,” wrote CZR president Denford Mutashu in an update.

Among some of the resolutions, operating hours for retailers were to remain the same during the lockdown period and that shops and businesses were to help with continuous instore announcements through PA system or other forms of communication on Covid-19 regulations and need to comply.

Zimbabwe is currently on a 30-day national lockdown period to try and disrupt the rapid spread of Covid-19.