Crumbling Health Sector An Indictment On Mnangagwa Gvt: TPF

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By Mbekezeli Ncube

OPPOSITION party, The Patriotic Front (TPF), says the crumbling health sector amply signifies President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government’s dismal failure.
In a statement Monday, TPF Interim Vice President, Zelda Green, said the it was time the old guard of politics gives way to new blood.
Green bemoaned the deteriorating health services in the country and said it is evident enough that the current government is struggling and should be replaced.
Government has for the past three years been struggling to keep doctors and nurses at work as they continuously engage in strikes   demanding better salaries and conditions of service.
“The story of the health system in our country reveals a lot about our government. It shows a sense of moaning which will live long in our society and they have exposed us to the fragility around us. It has shown how fragile our government’s values really are,” Green said.
“The people of Zimbabwe are the ones suffering in all this. We are in a period of profound anxiety about the health of family, friends and the future of just getting through until month end. The people of Zimbabwe need change to move out of this uncertainty and this is the moment for TPF, the moment to lead the way from this fragility, towards a new vitality,” she said.
Added Green: “As individuals, we will be called upon to sacrifice a lot of our personal liberty, our sovereignty, for the common good.
“This is our chance to make change happen. To emerge strong, we need to shake off the old excuses that have held us back. We have the vision, we have the plan, let us now invest in them, let us not hold back.”
She also encouraged women from the party to join the fight.
“This call includes the Women and Youth of our party, who have usually been left out of society’s margin. They are left out of decision making processes that define the course of their futures,” she said