Cry, Cry, Wail Oh Zimbaaaabwe!

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‘MUGABE loses Zanu PF grip’ on daily news is a sickening read. Proof of a scramble for a country whilst its people go hungry. To the highest bidder it goes. Cut the country up, give it several names, repackage, rebrand and sell it off; why don’t you all? Seeing one party has not managed to bring good governance.
Millions are starving, the country is having an economic melt-down, no jobs, or income for the people, no viable industries to carry the country, we are importing goods at every turn; zero production that’s the reason why we are screwed. We are now all self-employed, a good thing but selling to no one, as we all selling identical goods and those who can’t buy have nothing to eat. How does one start a project with no money? No know how?  Oh Zimbabwe, how long is this to continue?
Oh Zimbabwe, they have turned you into a dark country where electricity may visit once in a while in the deepest of nights when everyone is fast asleep and therefore can hardly use it. They have taken you to the dark ages, where people are forced to invest in the ways of our forefathers to survive. Those without wood, I shudder to think how they are living. I hope someone with sense is replanting trees or Zimbabwe will end up a desert.
Diseases lurking, with no running water! Antiquated ways of flushing a toilet, oh God. Ebola stay away, you would finish us all, how could we manage to wash so many times; let alone funding for medication, seeing even with HIV there is only one combination of antiretroviral for all? If you dare to become susceptible to it you have no hope, unless you have money to import for another breath of life.
What happened to the Diamonds, dubbed to be fuel for Zimbabwe’s recovery? Oh God help us? No one can say God does not smile at us. He made sure we discovered our own natural wealth at a point when we are mature. Eish, greed! Greed is rampant, greed is the song, greed is now the totem of those in power. Look at the party melting down, grown up men and women chucking Ubuntu, for power and wealth above good governance. Shame on you all! Zimbabwe belongs to its people, old or young, born and unborn. Its wealth belongs to all not to a selected few.
How dare you try to curry favour from the President so you can be made an inheritor of the Presidential seat? Is it not by merit or better still what happened to people’s choices, the ballot box?Advertisement

What is baffling me is this, has Zimbabwe become a dynasty nation now? What happened to democracy eh? Are wives leading for their living or dead husbands? I am baffled. Are living people still occupying Zimbabwe? Men who actually call themselves men, are they still around, or women with clout, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, with blood running in their veins still living? People shed blood for this country do you remember this, yet we are being made a laughing stock. We were once the bread basket of Africa for crying out loud. Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi as well as those who died liberating Zimbabwe must be turning in their graves. Where is our common sense?
So-called self-made billionaires are embarrassing us on social media, showing off their amassed wealth, flaunting their toys yet many are suffering. As if one sleeps in 35 bedrooms or drives more than one car at a time. Greed causes stupidity, making us forget we live but once in this flesh and leave it all. Are there no people who can be counted? Are we so afraid, that we allow a few to ravage, steal and plunder whilst we are looking?
What happened to “Zimbabwe ndeyevanhu?” This baffling behaviour from overgrown, overfed party thieves whilst millions are suffering, struggling and displaced, eking a living in far and remote places whilst these people are being allowed to mismanage our economy needs to stop.
People with no fear of God nor man ruining our once excellent economy, tearing Zimbabwe’s walls, whilst we look is a puzzle and a declaration of war to us. What level of tolerance is this? Mind boggling. Release your fear and voice out. How people can complain about women clothing, miniskirts, over central issues of governance surprise and shock me. Is there no strong man/woman to rescue us from this shambolic mess? Is every man/woman whipped? Have we all become “yes” men, each man for their lives yet remaining paupers in fear!
Oh Zimbabwe, I have been living in hope that one day someone will rise and rescue us. What legacy are we living for our children – fear and complacency!? Varoyi vekuno varipi vatipe zvitsinga! This regime and its relatives, who have claimed, who have pillaged, raped, who are tirelessly abusing our country, misusing our economy need to move on. Zimbabwe needs nurtures, lovers, propagators of the country to move in.
Come on people of Zimbabwe say NO to this greed, No to these lust-filled earth diggers. Enough is enough! I pray for a new brand of freedom fighters, no fear to act, to talk. No, no I can’t, I will not watch this slow death with my eyes wide open quietly.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I weep!