Customer complaint platform launched

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A ZIMBABWEAN customer complaints internet based platform was launched Monday, to receive reports on good and bad customer service. 
The online platform,, is part of a series of efforts to address issues of customer service in the country.
Zimbabweans often complain of bad service at most retail outlets and government entities but very little has been done to improve the situation. 
Tinotendaishe Nyanga the developer of the site said the platform is the first phase to be followed by an easy to use mobile version to be launched soon.
 “This platform was created out of personal experiences of bad customer service which goes unaddressed or resolved in Zimbabwe and I am sure this is an exciting development that will become the first point of call for all Zimbabwean consumers regarding any bad and good service experience,” said Nyanga.
“One of the most therapeutic things you can do if you’ve been badly let down by a product or service is log on to and let it all out in a complaint. The website will make manufacturers, retailers, service providers, government departments and state-owned companies more accessible to the public.”
The platform will likely get support from Zimbabweans who have mostly taken to social media platforms to vent out their frustrations on poor customer care.
“Companies have customer call centres and you can e-mail a customer care officer, but the beauty of is that you can complain publicly, and everyone out there can see how the company is responding.
“The aim of this site is simple: to increase service levels of our suppliers. Any constructive criticism about any supplier is welcome. Compliments are gratefully accepted. But any reports that contain hurtful statements will be deleted immediately. The platform is not designed as a platform for vicious slander,” added Nyanga.
He urged companies to use the platform as an opportunity to reach out to their customers and measure the impact of their brand.
“Most progressive companies enjoy getting feedback from customers, positive or negative. It’s important for them to assure the customer that something will be done about their complaint,” she says.
Nyanga said the emergence of social media has empowered consumers of various products to provide instant feedback and their experiences with the product. Advertisement

“We’ve seen astonishing growth in consumer power over the past few years, thanks to social media and online channels, and this website will take it one step further. Our website will share data directly with businesses, resulting in better customer service for everyone,” he said. is loaded with a total of 12 300 companies registered in Zimbabwe and users are able to suggest new companies and view ratings and comments.