Dad rapes, raptures daughter’s back passage

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TWO Harare fathers have been convicted caged a combined 33 years for raping their daughters on separate occasions.

Peter Cassian Rima was caged 18 years after prosecutors proved that he raped his 12 year stepdaughter leaving her unable to control her stool.

The other convict, Taurai Nyakwingwa, 48, was caged 15 years after he was convicted of incest with his17 year old daughter.

Both convicts had three years of their sentence slashed on conditions that he does not commit the same offence in five years.

The state proved that Rima committed the offence last year when his wife left him in custody of her twelve year old daughter while she was admitted in hospital.

Court heard one day Rima took the girl to his bedroom and raped her once without using protection.

He ordered her not to report the abuse to anyone and threatened her with death.

Court heard he gave her some snacks afterwards.

When schools opened, the girl went back to school in Rusape.

Her teachers observed that she was withdrawn, always crying and defecating in her pants.

The teachers called a social worker who interviewed the girl.

She then disclosed that her stepdad abused her on several occasions during the school holidays.

Nyakwingwa was convicted of incest after it emerged that his sexual relationship with his daughter was consensual.

Court heard he started abusing his daughter when she was only 14. The abuse came to light early this year when a co-tenant discovered that there was something fishy about the girl’s relationship with her father.

Prosecutors said one day she confronted the girl and asked her why she was spending so much time behind closed doors with her father each time her mother was away.

She started crying and narrated that her father was abusing her.