Dairibord Zimbabwe reacts to competition

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DAIRIBORD Zimbabwe will introduce new products to widen its product portfolio as well as re-brand part of the current line to remain competitive on the market, a company official said on Monday.
The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE)-listed company manufactures a wide range of dairy-based food and beverage products but has lately com e under pressure from local and regional competition.
DZL managing director, Thompson Mabika said there was increasing competition in the dairy industry, some of it coming from South African producers.
He said the company has had to re-strategise to beat off competition, including introducing new products and re-branding.
“These (competitors) in a business sense are not threats, but rather encourage us to be more innovative since we are producing for the same market,” Mabika said.
DZL products currently on the market include Chimombe fresh milk, sterilised milk, lacto, yoghurts, ice creams and Rabrow salad cream.
The company is in the middle of a restructuring exercise which saw the closure of the Bulawayo and Mutare factories.Advertisement