Dancer Bev, Ricky Fire arrive for UK shows

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RAUNCHY dancer and adult entertainer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda has jetted to the United Kingdom for a couple of shows.
Bev will share the stage with dancehall musicians Seh Calaz, Ricky Fire, Terminator and PTK.
The first show will be held on July 24 at Leeds West Indian Center, followed by a performance at Luton Dunstable Leisure Center on Saturday.
“The stars arrived on time and everything is in order thanks to the promoters TDS Vibes for the organisation.
“The artists will put on a unique performance, never seen anywhere before,” said Don Dread spokesperson of TDS Vibes.
The UK sojourn is the first for Bev who has traversed the length and breadth of Zimbabwe with her act which has set toungues wagging in the relatively conservative country.
Since bursting into the limelight a few years ago, Bev has quoted a lot of controversy and at one time had a flirtation with popular Harare prophet and leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries, Walter Magaya.
Award-winning dancehall artist Seh Calaz, who took attack advantage of the boom in the dancehall genre to claim his mark in the local musical arena, is known for hit songs such as Mabhanditi, Mumota Murikubvira and Hukama Wenyu.
RICKY FIRE ft BEV – Ndiratidze zvaunoita