Datlabs unfazed by Camphor Cream loss Rival product … Musician Dudu Manhenga helps Datlabs executives to launch CamphorCare

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PHARMACEUTICALS and personal care products manufacturer Datlabs (Private) Limited has moved to tap into a US$10 million market with the launch of an alternative product after losing the right to manufacture Ingrams’ Camphor Cream .
The development comes after Tiger Brands of South Africa recently cancelled an arrangement under which Datlabs Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo firm had manufactured the popular Ingrams’ Camphor Cream for about 50 years.
Datlabs Chief Executive Officer, Todd Moyo, said once they learnt of the decision by Tiger Brands, which owns the Camphor Cream brand, his company immediately set to work to find a great camphor cream product of superior pedigree.
“I am happy to report that my team has pulled all stops to give consumers a quality product that we know they will love, a product that is manufactured right here in Zimbabwe,” said.
“CamphaCare will keep our factory in Zimbabwe running and hopefully save jobs that would have been lost by the termination of the previous license agreement.
“We hope that our valued and loyal trade partners and consumers will support this new proudly Zimbabwean product, which can only be good for the continued employment of our staff and the growth of the Zimbabwean economy.”
Marketing Director, Clever Mugadza said the organisation’s factory produces half a million jars of Camphor Cream every month, adding that in Zimbabwe alone, the market is worth US$10 million.
Datlabs is a leading Zimbabwean Pharmaceutical and Personal Care company with many well recognised leading brands such as Cafemol, Panado, Solphyllex and Lanolene Milk. It employs about 200 people at its Bulawayo factory and the main Harare offices.
The company has ties with the South African Pharmaceutical giant, Adcock Ingram, which makes and distributes an extensive range of branded and generic prescription and OTC products in a broad range of therapeutic classes.
This relationship is expected see Datlabs increasing its range of pharmaceutical and personal care products in the Zimbabwean market.
Last year Datlabs applied for export licences from a number of countries in region as it sought to grow its market share. The applications were sent to Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The pharmaceutical industry in Zimbabwe is second only to South Africa in the region in terms of development and sophistication and exports to markets in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and West Indies.Advertisement

Established in 1954, Datlabs is a South African company with a product range which includes medicines such as Solphyllex, Asalen and Panado. The company also manufactures and distributes health and personal care products including camphor cream, lanolene and Cafemol.