‘Debt’ Collector July Moyo got 10% commission on Pomona- Mliswa

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By Anna Chibamu

OUTSPOKEN Norton MP, Temba Mliswa, has claimed that Local Government minister, July Moyo, collected 10% commission on the controversial Pomona Waste Energy deal.

Debating in Parliament Wednesday’s question and answer session, Mliswa labeled Moyo a ‘debt collector’, alleging the minister was dodging Parliament to explain the deal, leaving deputy minister, Marian Chombo, to cover up for him.

“Hon. July Moyo is not here to respond but is busy writing letters to the local authorities so that money comes out. His job now is to write letters wanting money. How can a minister be a debt collector? He is not here to answer issues of all the deals that he is doing.

“The Government is a lawyer, the Attorney-General and the Minister is a lawyer. Why is it the lawyer is writing a letter? To us, they are bent on reducing and denigrating His Excellency’s name and they must be brought to book once and for all.

“I will not waste much of your time but I have gotten the point home, especially Hon. July Moyo. Where is he? He is seen writing letters left, right and centre wanting a 10% commission. He has been paid,” claimed Mliswa.

Mliswa added, “Ndozvinonetsa kana wadya mari dzevanhu. Haurari usiku nekuti unenge uchingonyora matsamba uchirotomoka. He must come and answer on why he is writing letters when he is not a debt collector.”

Moyo has been in a war with opposition CCC MPs and independent Mliswa, where he is alleged to have forced councilors in MDC Alliance to sign for the Pomona Waste Energy deal, which is gobbling about US$22000 a day at the expense of Harare City council.

The Council has written to Moyo explaining that they cannot afford to folk out such a huge amount, but Cabinet has supported the deal and approved it.

Opposition CCC has taken the court route over the matter.

Recently, Mliswa wrote a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa exposing Moyo’s deals in the ministry and local councils.