Defiant CCC says Zanu PF behaving like murderers in detailed account of Matobo violence 

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent 

A DEFIANT Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has vowed to forge ahead with preparations for next year’s general elections despite a rise in related violent attacks on its members and supporters by ruling Zanu PF.

This was said by party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, Monday, while giving finer details of what transpired in Matobo where their supporters were waylaid and attacked by Zanu PF supporters.

A number were left hospitalised, some nursing injuries while property was destroyed and food, including a pot of meat meant to feed those at one of their meetings, stolen according to Mahere.

“Developments in Matobo confirm our call for a conducive environment for elections in Zimbabwe and a pre-election pact on reforms especially security of the voter and freedoms for citizens What we are seeing under Mnangagwa is not just the continued shrinking of the democratic space but a complete collapse into lawlessness,” said Mahere.

“The campaign team met a convoy of Zanu PF trucks (branded) numbering seven, that group barricaded the road and attacked Hon Nyoni’s truck damaging windows. He, however, managed to speed and evaded the illegal blockade.

“Our team then drove to the Campaign Command Centre and the Zanu PF supporters followed and barricaded the whole place, Kucaca Phulu and Nonhlanhla Mlotshwa went to try and engage them so as to understand what they wanted but before they could reach them, they started to throw stones at them.


“Our team then retreated as gunshots were fired. A total of about five shots were fired by the Zanu PF supporters The team and agents abandoned the homestead and the ZPF supporters proceeded to attack the homestead, breaking doors and all windowpanes.

Opposition CCC national spokesperson Fadzai Mahere

“They further attacked and damaged nine bicycles and four vehicles, breaking all windows and deflated tyres, they got into the house and looted groceries including meat that was being cooked.

“They also took about 50, 10kg bags of mealie meal, and also stole an undisclosed amount of money from the house.”

The CCC is calling for a pre-election pact that would put an end to politically motivated violence and ensure electoral reforms which will include equitable access to public media as was the case in 2008.  

A report made to the police did not help as they indicated that they were short of fuel to deal with the ruling party supporters who were now also attacking ordinary villagers for wearing anything yellow or resembling CCC colours added Mahere.

“They further started to randomly beat up people and vehicles at Tidu 2 Business Centre including a bus crew from Phelandaba Bus Services demanding to know if they had any passengers wearing yellow .

“A woman who happened to be wearing yellow was beaten and made to roll on the ground denouncing the opposition.

“An alert was made to the police when the attack at the homestead started but the member in charge said he could not attend to the case as the police station had no fuel.”  

The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT) and Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) are some of the human rights organisation sin the country which have predicted a bloody run-up to the 2023 polls.

The police have been accused of turning a blind eye to the attacks, ignoring offences by Zanu PF supporters against the CCC including a call by Abton Mashayanyika to murder their party leader Nelson Chamisa and family.

“We condemn the outright lawlessness that is being displayed by Zanu PF with impunity, Zanu PF is behaving like a terrorist organisation, like murderers or thugs.

“We call for an end to the political violence, use of guns in politics must end. This is clearly not a normal election environment. The ANC in South Africa does not behave like this, SWAPO I Namibia does not behave like this; Zanu PF’s conduct has completely departed from the liberation ethos.”