Defiant Juul resubmit Zifa nomination papers on deadline day

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DEFIANT Trevor Juul’s election agent Stanley Makombe managed to meet the deadline set by the Electoral Committee on Tuesday after he resubmitted his nomination forms which had been rejected when the committee sat to vet candidates.
After submitting the nomination forms, Makombe told reporters that they had met the requirements of the Electoral Committee.
“When we made reference to the law we made sure we resubmitted the nomination forms in accordance with the law.
“We have indeed submitted the nomination forms and are confident Trevor will be accepted as one of the presidential candidates,” said Makombe.
He however, took a swipe at Trevor’s detractors saying the South Africa based businessman would remain focused despite the tantrums being thrown at him.
He said even if it’s assumed Juul was suspended, the suspension should have lapsed since it happened in the 90s.
“Let me put it straight to fans of Trevor and the sponsors that he was never suspended as some people allege,” explained Makombe.
“Even if we assume he was suspended by the Sports Commission that suspension should have lapsed since it happened in the 90s.
“In any case that would have been government interference which would have warranted Zimbabwe’s ban from football and Zimbabwe was not banned.”
He added: “Trevor is a law abiding citizen and we are guided by the laws of this country so we have submitted the nomination forms in accordance with those laws.
“We believe Trevor will be cleared to compete with other presidential candidates that have been cleared.  In the event that he is denied, he will remain focused.
“He will not withdraw his candidature despite all the tantrums being thrown at him by his detractors.
“All supporters are waiting in anticipation of his confirmation as one of the presidential candidates despite all what is being said about him. He remains focused and believes in inclusivity because Zimbabwean football is divided.”
Makombe added that the country’s laws allowed dual citizenship and that the issue of residence cannot be contested.
Juul, who  contested and lost to Cuthbert Dube in the 2014 elections, was ordered to provide information proving that he has been resident in Zimbabwe for the past five years as well as fingerprints and a police clearance addressed to the ZIFA Electoral Committee.Advertisement

According to Article 32(4) of the ZIFA constitution, “the members of the executive committee shall have already been active in football administration for at least five years, must not have been previously found guilty of a criminal offence as defined under criminal law and have residency within the territory of ZIFA.”
Juul will know whether his papers have been accepted on Friday when the Electoral Committee meets to finalise.
Already, Philip Chiyangwa, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada had their nominations accepted.