Defiant Khupe launches manifesto, pledges full economic turnaround

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THE Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T launched its election manifesto on Saturday with the party promising to adhere to constitutionalism as well as pledging a raft of economic reforms if elected into power.

Dubbed Building an Economy to support Transformation (B.E.S.T), the manifesto was unveiled in Bulawayo by Khupe.

Speaking at the launch, Khupe said if elected into power, her government will transform the people’s lives through providing jobs as well as promoting social democratic principles.

“The MDC-T government shall prioritise economic rejuvenation through rapid re-industrialisation and creation of decent jobs for all. It is time that Zimbabwe changes from being an exporter of raw materials, especially our minerals, agricultural roduce and timber to value addition of our raw materials,” said Khupe.

She said a vote for the opposition party will translate to a “vote for constitutionalism”.

“Constitutionalism, which is our distinguishing principle is itself inspired by Zimbabweans’ desire for justice, respect for the rule of law and accountability. We go into the 2018 elections having achieved constitutional reforms in 2013 but still facing challenges in constitutional compliance,” said Khupe.

The MDC-T president said despite the national constitution providing for a bill of rights, separation of powers, independent commissions among other mechanisms that promote democratic rule, Zimbabweans have not fully enjoyed those provisions.
“We will fully implement the constitution. Only us, as genuine democrats, will ensure that people enjoy their full rights as enshrined in the country’s constitution,” she said.

The former deputy prime minister said her government will re-engage with the international community with a view to luring investors into the country.

“Our government shall reengage with the international community and all progressive forces for the support of the country which it desperately need without selling its soul to the highest bidder. We are both Pan-Africanists and social democrats. We strongly believe in a democratic developmental state to play a significant role in the development trajectory. We believe in the right of workers to organise and for full respect of labour rights .Our economic growth and development must be pro-people,” she added.

She also pledged to curb corruption.

“Strict anti-corruption laws shall be enforced in order to cultivate an ethic of honesty, integrity, hard work and selfless voice. The MDC-T government will capacitate bodies that are in place to identify, curb and ultimately eliminate corruption,” Khupe said.