Defiant Zanu PF youth leaders say prepared to face backlash

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By Thandiwe Garusa

OUTSPOKEN Zanu PF youth leaders, Godfrey Tsenengamu and Lewis Matutu say they do not fear any backlash from their party for bravely mounting a campaign to name and shame top business leaders they accuse of fuelling massive corruption in the country.

Since last year, the two have taken a bold stance to finger some top Zanu PF officials they accused of corruption.

They were back again Monday to name, top among their list, oil dealer Kudakwashe Tagwirei as among some business executives who were stirring up economic chaos through corrupt deals.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare Monday, Matutu said they were prepared to face whatever came their way.

“What we are doing will make a lot of people angry. Some are already angry as we are speaking and we do not know how far their anger can go. So we are prepared for anything,” said Tsenengamu, who is Zanu PF youth league national commissar.

Lewis Matutu, who is youth league deputy secretary, also said they were not scared of any backlash.

“We have prepared ourselves for this. Whatever consequences, just like Tsenengamu has said, we don’t care, we don’t mind, it doesn’t matter because the message has been sent.

“There are a lot of voices out there even beyond the borders of Zimbabwe who are listening to this information and they will know what we have said and the reason we are saying this.

“If anything happens between the two of us, don’t keep quiet about this issue because there will be no more Zimbabwe in the future. We expect people to react, we do not expect the voice of reason to be silent, it is very critical that you understand that,” he said.

Matutu added; “Some of us are not comfortable with positions wherever you can think we are because I do not want to be part of a mess, neither is Tsenengamu and a lot of people who can’t even say any word.

“It so happens that we are in a position where we have been incapacitated or whatever, do not keep quiet about this because coming generations will judge you on what you say and how you behave today.

“We have prepared ourselves enough, we know what is likely to happen but we know for sure that it was for the right cause, there are reasons we must push this agenda because it is critical for young people of our generation.”