Delatifin Sued For Double Allocating An Upmarket Stand

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By Mary Taruvinga

LAND developer Felix Munyaradzi is in trouble after he allegedly double allocated a residential stand in Harare’s Westgate suburb.

Munyaradzi is accused of chasing away the first purchaser of the stand, Prudence Chirova while well aware that she had purchased the stand.

The woman had to seek the court’s intervention after Never Pavari with the aid of Munyaradzi bulldozed his way into the same property.

High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu has warned him against taking the law into his own hands following these allegations.

“Pavari and Munyaradzi’s actions are tantamount to taking the law into their own hands.

“Until Chirova’s rights are cancelled she is entitled to temporary relief.

“The court will on the return day decide whether it was proper for Delatifin to sell the same stand to Chirova and let her obtain a cession agreement knowing fully well that they had sold the same to Pavari,” ruled Justice Tagu.

He added, “It is ordered that Pavari, his agents and assignees or contractors be and are hereby interdicted from carrying out any construction activities on stand 3914 Westgate, Sandton, Harare,” reads the ruling.

This comes at a time the land baron has lost some of his property over a US$80 000 debt.

According to court papers, Munyaradzi went on to evict Chirova to pave way for Pavari.

Chirova was already erecting a building on the stand.

She then applied for an order stopping any further development on the stand until the courts established the legitimate owner.

Chirova who was occupying the said stand since September 2020 claimed she bought the property in June 2019 from a third party.

She claims she then entered into a cession agreement with Munyaradzi’s Delatifin Civil Engineering where rights to the stand were ceded to her.

Chirova then constructed a wooden cabin on the property and was in peaceful and undisturbed occupation of the stand from September 2020 until recently.

On March 9 this year, Chirova was shocked to see Pavari sending builders and construction material to the stand.

She approached Pavari who told her that he had also bought the same stand from Delatifin Civil Engineering.

On March 10, Munyaradzi allegedly came to the stand and ordered Chirova’s caretaker to vacate the stand and to remove the wooden cabin.

She was later told that Delatifin Civil Engineering had earlier sold the same stand through Munyaradzi to Pavari on February 2, 2018.