Destiny Media basks in ‘Twice A Mother’ ZTV premiere glory 

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By Tinei Tuhwe 

Destiny Media, a leading media production company in Zimbabwe, is proud to showcase the highly anticipated premiere of its new TV programme, ‘Twice A Mother’, which will air on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) today (Saturday) at 5 pm.

The show sheds light on the challenges faced by mothers who have children with disabilities and provides a platform for sharing their stories.

It examines the daily struggles, triumphs, and untold stories of these remarkable mothers, showcasing their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Destiny Media’s General Manager, Tatenda Madzingo expressed excitement at the premiere.

“We are excited about the achievement as it is a vote of confidence in the quality of Destiny Media productions.

“It has widened the scope of our audience since we have been producing solely for social media through our YouTube channel, Destiny TV.

“We promise our followers more of such quality productions going forward. We are thrilled to launch ‘Twice A Mother’ on ZTV.

“This programme is a testament to our commitment to creating thought-provoking content that addresses important social issues.

“We hope that it will not only entertain but also inspire viewers to better understand and support mothers with disabled children,” he said.

Banking institution, POSB is sponsoring the programme.

“We are grateful to POSB for bankrolling the production and look forward to partnering with more institutions.”

Tatenda Dembedza, executive director of the programme, highlighted that the team has worked tirelessly for this project to reach this milestone, all in a bid to educate society.

“The production team at Destiny Media have worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition.

“Their dedication and commitment to raising awareness about the challenges faced by mothers and their disabled children are outstanding.

“The show promises to be a powerful tool for education, advocacy, and empowerment,” Dembedza said.

Programme presenter, Stellah Muusha said she anticipates the premiere of the first episode of ‘Twice A Mother’, which features heartfelt interviews with moms, who have overcome numerous obstacles while raising children with disabilities.

“I am excited and look forward to the maiden show. The programme will provide information on available resources, support networks, and services to assist families in similar situations.

“By offering a fresh perspective on motherhood and disability, the programme aims to foster empathy, understanding, and within society.”

“‘Twice A Mother’ promises to be an emotional programme that will leave audiences inspired and enlightened,” said Muusha.

Viewers are encouraged to tune in to ZTV today at 5 pm to witness the historic television event.