Dete man survives wall collapse

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

A Dete man is lucky to be alive although battling for life in hospital after a wall at a compound shared by ZRP members and Iganyana Lodge workers collapsed on him.

It took some moments before two men Reason Moyo and Nigel Shamuyashe could clear bricks that had buried Mtshimani Zulu, aged 24, last Friday.

Police officers stationed at Dete live at a compound within Iganyana Lodge.

It is not clear if Zulu is a policeman or not.

According to an internal police memo seen by this publication, a wall that divides two compartments collapsed in the morning on Friday, burying Zulu.

“On 18 September at around 6am, Reason Moyo knocked off duty and went to sleep in his compartment at Iganyana Lodge camp. While asleep he heard the sound of a falling wall and someone screaming. He woke up and rushed outside to check what was happening and discovered that the wall which divides his compartment and the victim’s had fallen on top of the victim,” read the memo.

Moyo started removing bricks to rescue the victim and was joined by Nigel Shamuyashe, another tenant.

They managed to rescue Zulu who had sustained some injuries all over the body.

One of the tenants, Noreen Zulu, aged 39, formally made a report to the police.

Zulu was rushed to Dete Clinic and was transferred to St Patrick’s Hospital.