Diaspora Insurance CEO among speakers at highly anticipated MeshUK Link up

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By Staff Reporter

DIASPORA Insurance CEO and founder Jeff Madzingo joins a renowned panel of speakers lined up to discuss various topics of interest to professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs living in the UK during this year’s edition of the MeshUK Link Up event.

This exciting networking event is scheduled to take place Saturday at the iconic London 02 Arena (All Bar One- SE10 0DX).

Madzingo is a visionary leader who has revolutionized the insurance industry through his company Diaspora Insurance which is one of the event’s key partners.

Diaspora Insurance is now more than ten years old and covers 13 countries across the SADC region as well as East and West Africa.

The company specialises in crafting and distributing insurance and risk management solutions tailored to meet diasporans’ needs.


Speakers on the exceptional line-up of inspirational panelists who will share their expertise and experiences during the event include Arlyne Chinyanganya, the founder of Roots to Roots, and a qualified Accountant who is also into financial wellness.

Another esteemed panelist is CAZ Gundu, a Senior Business Consultant known for her strategic expertise and business acumen.

With a wealth of experience in various industries, CAZ is also a food entrepreneur and author.

Her presence on the panel will offer valuable insights into business development and strategic planning.

Lastly, Munya Hoto, a Chief Customer and Marketing Officer in the cybersecurity space, will grace the panel with his extensive knowledge and experience in the tech industry.

As a leading figure in cybersecurity, Hoto will discuss the importance of digital protection and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Speaking ahead of the event, one of the organisers, Tadiwa Mubvumbi said: “The Mesh is not limited to any particular industry or professional background; it welcomes all individuals passionate about connecting, growing, and inspiring each other.

“Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding creative, or an aspiring professional, The Mesh offers a space where ideas can flourish, and relationships can be forged that may lead to future collaborations and success stories. The significance of The Mesh extends beyond a single event. It aims to establish an enduring community, fostering ongoing connections and providing continuous support for Zimbabwean professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the UK.”

Mubvumbi further emphasised that the Mesh endeavours to uplift the entire community, creating a platform for collective growth and prosperity and urged Zimbabweans to get involved and attend the promising summer edition

A fusion of constructive dialogue, live music, and delectable cuisine, providing a unique platform for connection, inspiration, and mutual growth.

The Mesh is not just an ordinary networking event; it is a celebration of the success and resilience of Zimbabweans making their mark in the UK.

It aims to create an environment where professionals from various industries can come together, forge meaningful connections, and exchange valuable insights to foster personal and professional growth.

Under the theme “Link Up to Level Up,” The Mesh will showcase a series of engaging activities designed to inspire and uplift attendees.

The event will kick off with a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring accomplished Zimbabwean professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives who have excelled in their respective fields. From business moguls to renowned artists, these esteemed speakers will share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs, providing attendees with valuable lessons and guidance.

As the day progresses, The Mesh will transform into a vibrant networking hub, providing an ideal setting for attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate. With professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds, the event promises a fertile ground for cultivating partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and innovative ventures.

One of the unique aspects of The Mesh is its fusion of live music, that attendees will have the chance to enjoy.

The musical performances by the Mukoko hitmaker, Tytan will set the tone for a bright day.

Tickets are still available on Eventbrite; For more inquiries, please contact +44 7576 204 026