Diaspora Insurance CEO commends tournament organisers for uniting scattered Zim exiles

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By UK Correspondent

UK: ORGANISERS of a weekend golf tournament in Northampton have been commended for bringing Zimbabwean diasporans together, thereby helping keep them connected to their heritage.

The tournament, which drew more than 50 participants and was jointly organised by Zambezi Golf Society and Bushwackers, was held at the Collingtree Park Gold Club with Diaspora Insurance as the flagship sponsor.

“As diasporans, we are a scattered community and in that scattered-ness we lose not just our voice but also our identity,” said Diaspora Insurance CEO Jeff Madzingo.

He said events such as the gold tournament help to keep diasporans connected to their heritage, “we need these kinds of events to bring us together as a people and to give us the necessary identity as a people not just ourselves as first-generation migrants but also our children and their own children.”


Based in Birmingham with operations in London and South Africa, Diaspora Insurance is now more than ten years old and covers some thirteen countries across the SADC region as well as East and West Africa.

Madzingo said Diaspora Insurance’s main product was a simple but innovative intervention tailor-made to address the needs of diaspora communities.





Meanwhile, Adventure Musaruwa emerged the overall winner with Collins Magondo first runner up and Bill Gumbura third runner up for the Bushwackers.

Nigerian Biyi Adegbola was third runner up for the Zambezi Golf Society.

Below are some pictures from the weekend event: