Diaspora Insurance partners AMUK Services to revive basketball tourney

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By Audience Mutema

UNITED KINGDOM based Zimbabwe firm, Diaspora Insurance has partnered AMUK Services, another Zimbabwean brand, to resuscitate an HIV awareness Basketball Tournament founded by Huggins Trust.

The annual tournaments are meant to bring Zimbabweans in UK together educating them on the HIV awareness and also to nurture Zimbabwean talent.

In an interview with on Thursday, one of the organisers Sam Huwa said the Basketball tournament’s aim was to raise awareness on HIV testing and knowing one’s status.

It is also to bring Zimbabweans community together and also to find talent amongst them and to recommend their possible drafting in the Zimbabwe national team.

“The main aim of the basketball tournament is to raise awareness of HIV testing and knowing your status together with Terrence Higgins Trust.

“We are looking forward to bringing the Zimbabwean communities together by having fun both ladies and gentlemen and these tournaments will help us to develop talent and later on support our motherland with national team players,” he said.

Huwa added that eight teams from Luton, Milton Keynes, Stevenage, London, High Wycombe, Hatfield and Ipswich will play in a round of robin format with two playing in the final.

The tournament will have a ladies game as well netball game between two Zimbabwean netball teams.

“All eight games will be played from 11am till 8pm. They will play a round robin format and the top two teams will make it to the finals,” Huwa said.

The tournament is the second edition of the that was originally owned by the Luton Basketball team which was led by Nelson Kusosera and Petros Gudza in the 1990s and is now led by Terrence Huggins Trust.