Do not provoke us – Opposition CCC vows to protest as 78 party activists remain locked up

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By Mary Taruvinga

The Nelson Chamisa-backed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has vowed to protest against the detention of party members who are currently locked up on allegations of disorderly conduct and participating in an unlawful gathering.

A total of 80 party activists were locked up over a week ago while having a private meeting at their interim leader, Jameson Timba’s residence.

One minor is currently out of custody while Timba’s son, Shaun was granted US$100 bail last week after it was proved that he was caught in the dragnet arrest after he went to deliver a Father’s Day gift.

The presiding magistrate, Ruth Moyo was expected to hand down her ruling on the bail application by the 78 remaining activists on Tuesday but failed to do so following the state’s failure to submit their submissions on time.

She then postponed the matter to this Thursday for a bail ruling triggering an uproar among relatives and colleagues of the activists.


CCC organising secretary Amos Chibaya said the activists committed no offence and promised to retaliate if they remained locked up.

“They are being locked up because the regime is scared…so they deserve our support.

“Two more days in detention is the same as serving for an offence you have not committed.

“So we want to show that we are not happy with what is happening.

“We have to register our unhappiness. This country does not belong to Zanu PF.

“Zimbabwe is not Mnangangwa’s dynasty. He should stop oppressing Zimbabweans,” he said.

He added, “Demonstrations are allowed in Zimbabwe.

“It is allowed by the constitution. On Thursday let’s all come in solidarity.”

Ostallos Siziba, introduced as the party spokesperson, added, “Our struggle is oiled by solidarity.

“We stand in solidarity with our arrested citizens.

“Zanu PF and all the headmasters of chaos, do not provoke citizens because if we decide to invoke section 59 of the Zimbabwean Constitution we will use the streets as a point of entry to register our displeasure.

“We are a peaceful people but don’t provoke us, don’t provoke the citizens of Zimbabwe.”

Outside court, colleagues and family members of the suspects held a flash demonstration denouncing the detention of the activists.

They said it was disheartening that criminals were walking scot-free while their relatives were rotting in jail.