‘Do Not Shy Away From Politics’: Senate President Tells Women

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By Thandiwe Garusa

SENATE President Mabel Chinomona has encouraged women not to shy away from politics and to instead take leadership roles as they are the gender most affected by policies made by their male counterparts.

Addressing women at a breakfast meeting in Harare, Friday, she urged women to occupy leadership positions and be able to craft policies that improve their daily lives.

“No woman has the luxury of being apolitical. How can anyone be uninterested in politics when it is the politician who decides every aspect of your life and that of your children?” Chinomona said.

“Males decide the distance between a pregnant mother and the nearest clinic. He decides whether you have access to clean water, electricity, whether your garbage will be collected and whether there will be a road leading up to your house.”

She added: “The politicians’ policies decide how much you will pay for food, how many times your children will eat and what they will eat.

“Every important aspect of your life is decided by the politicians, is it not high time you become a politician yourself?

“I am sure that most of you are satisfied and content with where you are now but there are young girls and women in rural areas who are relying on us to make policies which will protect them against gender-based violence, policies that will bring clinics closer to their homes and food onto their tables.”

Chinomona is also the Zanu PF secretary for the Women’s League.