Don’t shoot the messenger, deal with the message says Chamisa in Winky D’s defense

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By Staff Reporter

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has challenged the ruling party Zanu PF to stop victimising Zimdancehall superstar Winky D for singing against corruption and rather address the issues he sings about.

This comes after Winky D real name Wallace Chirimuko was barred by police Saturday during his live show in Chitungwiza, Damview.

Winky D was about to sing his new track Ibotso off his latest album when riot police stormed the stage, violently grabbing the mic and dragging him off stage.

An unknown person from the fans threw a bottle at the musician before he was dragged off stage.

CCC leader posted on Twitter defending the Ninja president saying: “Stop stifling artistic freedom and creativity.

“Winky Gaffa to the Gaffest is just a musical icon.

“Do not shoot the messenger, troubleshoot and deal with the message.

“Fix the citizens’ daily problems and struggles.

“Is this the land, we cried for, we died for? Musadaro!” Chamisa wrote.

It is suspected that Zanu PF supporters were behind Winky D’s attack after they demanded that his music must be banned in Zimbabwe.

They claimed the lyrics promote hate speech  and violence among the youths.

The Damview show was Winky D’s first show after the release of his Eureka Eureka album which featured over ten artists.

The album was however heavily politicised.