Drama at court as police arrest witness in Ken Sharpe perjury case

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By Reason Razao

There was drama at the Harare Magistrate Court after police arrested Harare City Council (HCC)’s regional building inspector Roy Nyabvure, a key witness in a perjury and malicious damage of property case involving  businessmen Ken Sharpe and George Katsimberis.

Nyabvure had come to testify in the case in which Sharpe and his other company, Pokugara Properties, HCC officials Mandla Ndebele, Isaiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi and Lasten Taonezvi are accused of malicious damage to property after they destroyed Katsimberis’ shade.

Prior to the arrest, and during court proceedings, a police officer had tried to lure Nyabvure out of the processions to arrest him before he could take to the stand to testify.

Following an application for postponement of trial by the accused persons, Nyabvure told the court that he was being victimised by police who were interfering with him, threatening and undermining him.

“I have a problem of being misdirected, of being interfered with by the police. I am being threatened and undermined,” revealed Nyabvure.

Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka said the case had been draging for some time.

“On the 28th of November the matter should proceed without fail,” Magistrate Chakanyuka said.

After proceedings, the two police officers who were waiting outside the court then approached Nyabvure and there was a scuffle before State Prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga approached the cops.

He introduced himself to the police officers, followed by a heated argument that lasted for about 20 minutes.

Nyabvure was taken to Harare Central Police Station for questioning.

He is a state witness in a case where Katsimberis is suing Sharpe, the Augur Investments owner and his aide, Michael John Van Blerk Van Beek as well as top Harare City Council officials for perjury and malicious damage to property after the local authority demolished his show house.

Sharpe is alleged to have caused the destruction of a show house on allegations that Katsimberis had constructed it using a fake plan.