Dump ‘spanner boy’ habits, says Minister to health staff

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By Staff Reporter

HEALTH and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo has urged the country’s health professionals not to behave like “spanner boys” when dealing with the human body during the discharge of their duties.

He was addressing some experts at this year’s Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe (HPAZ) congress in Harare this past week.

In his comments, Moyo warned local health staff against mistreating patients.

“You are here to look after the sick and the sick must be well looked after by people who are dedicated, by people who want to provide a service for the sick and those who know that their profession is a calling; a people with dedication to duty,” said the Minister.

“You are not there as spanner boys. You are here to be the most gentle professionals because you are dealing with people’s bodies.”

Moyo said the human anatomy was created by God adding it was “something to respect”.

“So do not tamper with that body and be guided by the Creator always,” said the Minister.

His comments come after the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa made an unannounced visit to Parirenyatwa Hospital‘s Ward C5 where some two nurses were shamed by a patient who claimed ill-treatment in the hands of the health staff.

The patient had sent a complaint to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife claiming patients in the Ward were being abused by the named nurses.

In his, Minister Moyo further reminded health staff that high standards must be maintained at all costs in health institutions.

“We want to improve our institutions such that they are comfortable for our patients,” he said.

“We should come up with formidable standards; quality customer care must be the best. I am one for formidable standards by the way.”

Moyo is credited for lifting the health standards of Chitungwiza General Hospital when he was CEO of the health institution.

He said he was not ready to give up on his high standards.

“State your challenges to your minister and he tackles them. I am weak if there are no problems. Be part of the action and just watch me. We will do it together,” he said.