Dump the ‘military dictatorship’ come election, urges Mujuru after nurses’ sacking

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FORMER Vice President Joice Mujuru has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of using military style tactics to deal with a civilian situation as the stand-off with nurses continues.

The National People’s Party leader who is set to contest the upcoming elections as a presidential candidate for a coalition of fringe parties known as the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC), Thursday said she spent Independence Day visiting patients at Parirenyatwa Hospital and witnessed a gut-wrenching situation.

“(The visit) revealed the hypocrisy of a failed military regime in matters of national leadership. Mother Zimbabwe (Mujuru) witnessed first-hand the frightening sight and reality of a health delivery system that is dilapidated beyond measure,” said the statement from coalition leader’s officer.

Mujuru served as former President Robert Mugabe’s minister for over two decades and another 10 years as VP before she was sacked in 2014 over accusations of plotting to unseat her boss.

The former Vice President said she had been saddened by the “spectre of patients sleeping on floor in spoilt sheets and blankets.”

“PRC wonders if that’s the independence the sons and daughters of this country like Dr JTR Mujuru took up arms to liberate the country from Ian Douglas Smith?

“Patients living in desperate conditions without medical attention is now the order of Parirenyatwa rather than the exception,” said Mujuru.

“The situation is made worse by a command military administration which lacks basic human appreciation of how to handle a genuine industrial strike by nurses who are living from hand to mouth.”

The opposition leader urged dialogue to break the impasse adding the dismissals are illegal.

“Instead of constructively engaging the nurses who give all their best for the love of their country; the clueless regime spits on the face of the suffering nurses by unlawfully terminating their employment typical of a dictatorship that only understands the language of the barrel of a gun.

“It is clear that the illegitimate regime mistake its military command element for good governance and ease of doing business,” the statement said.

“The unlawful termination of nurses’ employment has worsened the already out of hand health situation in public hospitals.”

Mujuru said the general election expected in a few months should settle the issue with Zimbabweans voting the “military dictatorship” out of power.

Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in November last year after a military intervention that forced the former President to resign under pressure.