Econet dragged to court over US$1 500 rental arrears, faces eviction

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By Mary Taruvinga

A local company Amasons (Private) Limited is seeking court’s intervention after telecommunications behemoth Econet Wireless (Private) Limited, failed to pay rentals at one of its subsidiaries located in central Harare.

The arrears accrued to US$1 552 with court papers showing that on demand Econet only paid $3 105 in local currency which is the equivalent of US$505 converted at the published Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) interbank rate as at the date of payment.

Amasons also wants an order to evict Econet from its premises.

According to its declaration, the company entered into an agreement of lease with Econet which occupied the property in question in 2017.

Econet was obliged to pay a base rental of US$405 plus Value Added Tax in the sum of US$67.50 per month.

The money was payable quarterly.

“Despite demand, defendant failed to timeously pay the full rentals for the month of March to June 2019.

“The defendant (Econet) did not make full payment of the rentals for the quarter running from the 1st of April 2019, which rentals are in the sum of US$1 552,” wrote Amasons.

“Accordingly, on the 7th of June 2019, plaintiff made demand for payment in the sum of US$2 070 and the plaintiff made partial payment to plaintiff in the sum of $3 105. Defendant is therefore in arrears in the sum of US$1 564.”

The company also submitted that notice to vacate the premises was given early on 7th June, 2019 but Econet has failed or refused to vacate.

Amasons petitioned the High court to issue an order that will force Econet to vacate and also to settle the arrears.

The case is still pending.