ED axing of graft busting Zanu PF youth leaders draws fire

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By Thandiwe Garusa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s unpopular move to suspend corruption busting party youth leaders has triggered a negative reaction from among locals who accuse the national leader of condoning the vice.

Party national commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu and deputy secretary Lewis Matutu were Wednesday slapped with 12-month suspensions by Mnangagwa following an earlier politburo.

They were being accused of indiscipline after they convened a press conference outside party approval to gush out torrents of graft accusations against controversial oil mogul Kudakwashe Tagwirei, a known ally to the president.

Tsenengamu and Matutu had taken turns to accuse Tagwirei of causing hardship among ordinary Zimbabweans through underhand dealings that have turned the country’s fragile economy on its head.

MDC Deputy President Tendai Biti was amazed by Mnangagwa’s surprise response to an attempt to expose corruption.

“On what basis is punitive action taken against members who have attacked and exposed wrongdoing by non-members. How does an attack on external players cause internal (Zanu PF) disharmony? Unless of course as we always argue, you (Mnangagwa) are the Arch-bishop of plunder. His grace the Pillager,” Biti wrote on twitter.

MDC politician and lawyer Fadzai Mahere also attacked Mnangagwa for blaming sanctions for the economic crisis whilst he was apparently in support of corruption.

“The Godfather of corruption in Zimbabwe came out in full defense of his godson yesterday. Corruption is the albatross around Zimbabwe’s neck. Those at the top are responsible for it which is why they use sanctions to deflect away from the rot,” said Mahere.

Academic Pedzisai Ruhanya also attacked Mnangagwa for suspending the outspoken youth leaders.

“Zanu PF is a violent, murderous and corrupt cartel. If one is violent, murderous and corrupt, that person has the right credentials for Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF cannot address corruption because that is its lifeline. It is like removing a patient from the theatre in the midst of a life-threatening operation.

“How does exposing corruption threaten Zanu pF party unity, is Tagwirei a member of Zanu PF, we know he funds Zanu PF and its top leadership hence the anger.

“Clear evidence of a kleptocracy in Zimbabwe. You cannot speak against corruption. Instead, you must support and ululate at corrupt cartels that are destroying Zimbabwe such as SAKUNDA (Holdings) and its ugly leader Tagwirei,” said Ruhanya.

Top journalist and socialite Hopewell Chin’ono accused Mnangagwa for being the most corrupt.

“Now that Lewis Matutu has been suspended from Zanu PF for saying Kuda Tagwirei is corrupt, what does that mean to a sane mind? He (Matutu) did not say Zanu PF is corrupt. He said Tagwirei is corrupt and ED moved to suspend him, who then is Tagwirei’s Godfather?” said Chin’ono.