ED challenger Musengezi still in jail as bail hearing drags on  

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By Paul Katanda

Zanu PF activist, Sybeth Musengezi Tuesday spent his sixth night  in jail as his bail hearing drags on.

The activist is accused of misrepresenting his residential address to the Zanu PF party for personal gains.

His bail proceedings have been dragging since last week as the state fears that he will abscond if granted bail.

Prosecutors allege that his residential address is not known, so he might use his political links to skip the country if granted bail.

His lawyer, Douglas Coltart, however argued that his client has travelled less than 10 times since his passport was issued in 2015 and also that he can never interfere with the state’s witnesses because he does not know them.

According to court papers, on an unknown date in 2012,  Musengezi, Allen Chisuko and Taurai Mutimbanyoka allegedly misrepresented to Zanu PF that they resided at House Number 4315 Hatcliffe Extension, Harare.

By doing so, Musengezi fraudulently became a member of Zanu PF, Muzinda 1A District.

In 2019, Musengezi allegedly lied again that he was within the cells of Zanu PF political party, Mai Chitepo Branch Muzinda 1 District and that he resided at house number 4461 Hatcliffe Extension, Harare.

Musengezi then became eligible for election to a Zanu PF Branch position, a preserve only for Zanu PF political party members who would be appearing in the cell structures.

He was therefore elected as the Zanu PF, Mai Chitepo Branch’s Muzinda 1 District Youth Wing Vice Chairperson.

Musengezi is said to have prejudiced the Zanu PF political party of its reputation as he allegedly enjoyed participation in Zanu PF political elections and programs that are supposed to be benefited by members only.