ED disappointed with women participation in Zanu PF primaries

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is not happy with the number of women who won in the controversial Zanu PF primary elections and wants the ruling party to find a better model in order to increase women’s representation in Parliament.

Mnangagwa told a women’s discussion in Harare Friday that democracy has failed women.

“In Zanu PF it was quite disappointing that the process was opened fully for a democratic contest where the winner is elected but as has been stated the result was that only 10% of women came through, he said.

“As a political party we have discussed this and agreed that we need a reasonable formula that allows for more wen to come through. The current democratic process did not yield the desired results.”

Mnangagwa said he is also disappointed that “women seem shy to form political parties”.

“You will remember I have indicated I want to meet political leaders; then there were about six or 11 parties but now there are 125 with only about three led by women. 

“That should not stop my party from coming up with a workable model to achieve our goal of more women representation in Parliament.”

He also pointed to the setting up of the Zimbabwe Gender Commission as a sign his government is willing to open up the political and socio-economic space to allow women in decision making positions.

Regarding violence against women, Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe has enough laws to deal with the problem but needs to promote a culture of accepting opposing views.

“Laws alone are not enough, we must accept people with views contrary to our own,” he said.

“We must accept opposition views and develop a culture of accepting people with views that are not like ours and allow the best argument to win.”