ED Doles Out Farms To 300 Nurses, Doctors

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has directed that over 300 workers in the health sector should be allocated agricultural land.

The move follows a letter the healthcare employees wrote to Mnangagwa for the government to consider non-monetary benefits for frontline workers.

Agriculture Ministry secretary John Basera has since written to all provinces directing them to start allocating land to deserving employees in the health sector.

“We want to thank the government for honouring our request as health-care workers, we are sure that we have been allocated the land,” Johannes Marisa president of the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association Trust (MDPPZA) said Saturday at a press conference.

“As for now, we thank our government for this land gesture and the fact that this has been approved at presidential level shows how serious the matter is and even other duty bearers will move with speed to expedite the allocation process.

“I ended up writing to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be considered for non-monetary benefits as front line workers, especially the sterling work we did in managing Covid-19.

“This letter was taken straight to the president who responded accordingly through his private secretary and it was later seconded by the ministry of agriculture.”

Speaking at the same media briefing, MDPPZA’s secretary-general Cletos Masiya said the decision to dole out land to healthcare employees was apolitical before urging the association’s members to accept the offer and venture into farming.

“Private players cry foul whilst seated in their offices and not taking advantage of national programmes availed by the government. We at MDPPZA took it upon ourselves and officially wrote to the president,” Masiya said.

“What we have here is an endorsement of our engagement. We thank the government for hearing us. This time we see there was no procrastination in this matter, in five days, the letter was done and in five days we got our response.

“There is nothing behind the scene or hidden agenda or anything unscrupulous, any of the members of this association who is a fully subscribed member can have access to land.”