ED, Mthuli economic mismanagement has exposed locals to rape: Biti

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti says the current economic difficulties visited upon citizens through mismanagement by the Zanu PF led administration has exposed locals to social ills such as rape and domestic violence.

He was speaking in an interview with weekend.

Biti said the current crisis has taken away the dignity of the working class in Zimbabwe.

“I think they have pauperised the worker, they have made the workers very angry, they have made the worker extremely vulnerable,” he said.

“Mthuli (Finance Minister) and Mnangagwa have brought poverty to the working people, but when you do that now, you take away the dignity of the worker.

“The worker can’t look at his wife, at her husband, at her children because you can’t provide. What does that mean!

“Now it has increased domestic violence, increased rape cases, child abuse and so forth because you have taken away the dignity, ubuntu, hunhu of the worker.”

Biti added, “That is what Zanu PF has done, you (Zanu PF) have killed the human spirit because you have mismanaged the economy and that’s the thing that Mthuli Ncube doesn’t know.”

The former finance accused Mnangagwa and his finance minister of failing to understand the importance of properly managing the economy.

“Economics is about livelihoods. So Mthuli and Emmerson have failed to understand Mbuya Ezra in Dotito, how does she respond, how does she react.

“So, we have let down our people.

“And when you are poor, not only do you lose dignity, but your social condition, your right to health also collapses, your children can’t also go to school, inequality increases.

“And that’s one thing Mnangagwa doesn’t understand, it’s one thing that (former President Robert) Mugabe knew, the importance of education, but not with Emmerson, not with Mthuli Ncube, they are a disaster.

“I don’t know kuti tine curse (are we cursed) here, but to be run by sort of persons in the form of Mnangagwa zvinorwadza hama dzinodiwa (this is painful).”