ED must save ruling party from collapse, says Zanu PF voters Association

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ZANU PF Voters Association of Zimbabwe leader Austin Chindeka has called upon President Emmerson Mnangagwa to respond swiftly to internal differences that could lead to the collapse of the party before this year’s elections.

He said this ahead of the rerun of Zanu PF primary elections scheduled for this weekend after the initial round was marred by rigging, violence and intimidation in several constituencies.

Chindeka, in a press conference in Harare, Thursday, warned that 95 percent of the party problems have not been resolved and this could lead to more chaotic scenes in this weekend’s rerun and even in the general election expected in two months’ time.

“If a party opens a lions’ den to its people, is it still the party we know? We do not know now if this is the Zanu PF we used to know. We ask the president to scrutinize his appointees and look into the differences.

“We have never experienced such problems as a party in our previous elections and this time we are very worried about what is happening in Zanu PF. This leadership must be drunk now, we are confused,” Chindeka told reporters.

Mashonaland West, Central and Harare provinces were named as the most affected leading to the politburo ordering a rerun on the 12th of May.

Chindeka accused Mashonaland West chairman, Ziyambi Ziyambi, for causing mayhem in areas like Chakari, Sanyati, Hurungwe North and Zvimba North during the primaries.

He accused Ziyambi of being a paid G40 mole and gave him an ultimatum to resolve the issues or face expulsion from the party.

“There are a few constituencies that are giving us headaches. In Mashonaland West, Ziyambi Ziyambi must listen to the voice of the people. The chairman of the province must respond to our calls for peaceful elections. 95 percent of the problems are not yet solved. We know that registers were not used in some constituencies and people did not vote. Dexter Nduna fired some shots.

“We are giving Ziyambi 12 hours to investigate this chaotic behaviour. Ziyambi was paid. Rumours say he was given money. Can MDC leader Nelson Chamisa campaign for another party? In Chakari, out of the 42000 registered voters, only 500 voted. We need our leaders to be transparent.

“War vets where are you? Central Committee where are you? Ziyambi does not know anything about chairmanship,” he added.

Chindeka also accused Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa of aiding his sister Mary Mliswa in Hurungwe North.

“We do not want fraudsters. In Epworth and Mazowe West ballot boxes spent the night at some people’s homes. We do not want people with G40 history in our party anymore. No criminals like Temba Mliswa.

“Mr Ziyambi, if you continue behaving like this, we are coming for you. You do not know me but, please try to be honest,” warned Chindeka.

Zanu PF national political commissar Engelbert Rugeje has been criticised by party members for failing to handle the primary elections transparently with rumours of a vote of no confidence against him circulating.

Asked by New Zimbabwe to comment on the matter and rumours that he was going to be replaced soon Rugeje professed ignorance.

“I know nothing about that,” the retired army general replied.