ED says Chinese people not guilty of compatriots’ crimes

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By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday discouraged Zimbabweans from issuing blanket condemnation against all Chinese nationals for crimes committed by individual elements from the ally state.

This was after Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Guo Shaochun had issued an apology on behalf of his country while donating Covid-19 Protective equipment to Zimbabwe at State House.

Reacting to the apology, Mnangagwa said the recent shooting and injuring of two workers by one Chinese employer over a wage disagreement in Gweru did not represent all law-abiding nationals of the Asian country who are in Zimbabwe.

“The man involved is not disadvantaged at all, he will receive fair treatment,” Mnangagwa said of the employer at the centre of the shooting storm.

“This (shooting incident) does not represent the people of China.

“It is an incident where there is not a single country which has angels and Zimbabwe has no angels too; also Chinese doesn’t have angels.

“So, these things happen on a daily basis.”

Added the President, “It must not be, because a crime has been committed by Chinese, so the Chinese people are very bad. No, no, no. We don’t think like that; we are very mature.”

Speaking earlier, ambassador Shaochun touched on the Gweru incident, insisting the Chinese employer must face the law if he was on the wrong side of the country’s laws.

Shaochun further cautioned against profiling all Chinese nationals merely on the basis of one bad apple.

He said foreign nationals who committed crimes in China have never been treated as traceable to any governments but to the offenders only.

“In the meantime, we believe that it is not appropriate to attribute an individual or an isolated case to the Chinese government and all Chinese nationals in Zimbabwe just as we cannot the illegal acts of foreigners in China to the government and people of any country.

“China and Zimbabwe have long standing relationships and cooperation,” said Shaochun.

The 41-year-old Chinese national, Zhang Xuelin, who doubles as proprietor and General Manager of Reeden Mine near Gweru, allegedly shot and injured 31-year old Wendy Chikwaira and Kennedy Tachiona, aged 39 earlier during the week.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Chamber of businesses Friday donated kits to Matabeleland and Midlands provinces as well as front liners from ZIMRA and Immigration departs.

The other donation came from the Minerals Marketing Cooperation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).

The donations included 1300 litres of hand sanitizers, 950 N95 face masks, 480 reusable overalls and more 500 000 latex hand gloves.

Mnangagwa also expressed confidence in the country’s capacity to handle Covid-19 cases, especially from returnees who have been the biggest transmitters.

The President added that systems are in place to ensure that distribution and usage of donations will be carried out fairly.