ED splurges on cars, allowances for advisory council members – #Tajamuka leader

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By Anna Chibamu

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa, has allegedly shelled out hefty trinkets to members of his advisory panel, a local pressure group has claimed.

#Tajamuka/Sesijikile spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi, claimed Mnangagwa purchased vehicles and paid out huge allowances to members of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC).

In an interview with on Tuesday, Mkwananzi said his organisation is going to take Mnangagwa to court to demand that the PAC be dissolved and the allowances are reversed.

“ED (Mnangagwa) has purchased cars for his so called advisors using tax payers’ money, allocated them heavy salaries, lucrative allowances, unbelievable packages and benefits.

“We are approaching the High Court to dissolve that illegal and unconstitutional senseless and needless extra pressure of our already overburdened fiscus,” Mkwananzi said.

Members of the PAC, have in the past sworn they are offering their services for free to the President and government.

The pressure group’s leader expressed anger at the developments arguing Mnangagwa has pushed Zimbabweans to the edge.

“The citizens are very angry right now and eager to pull another shutdown.

“ED is feeding his cronies at the expense of the majority. This is unfair, unjust and sad. People are totally dismayed. We issued a statement warning about possible disturbances (social unrest) due to poverty levels in the country,” added Mkwananzi.

Mnangagwa in January appointed a 26 member PAC, to advise government and the President on a number of economic and social issues.

Mkwananzi’s claims could trigger anger among hard pressed citizens, struggling with rampaging basic commodity prices that have in recent weeks shot through the roof leaving most stranded.

The Harare City Council on Tuesday released a statement warning of water shortages given it was left with only two days’ stocks of treatment chemicals.

Following a raft of price hikes, government came out guns blazing warning business operators to stop profiteering and charge reasonable prices; a development which is likely to cause shortages of goods on the market if unresolved practically.

Mnangagwa in his Independence Day speech last week, described businesses increasing prices as “unpatriotic.”