ED: Stop mourning about Zanu PF collapsing the economy, let’s learn from our past ‘foolishness’

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By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to stop mourning over how past Zanu PF led governments have run down the country’s economy and focus on finding solutions to the crisis.

He was addressing leaders of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) forum at his farm in Kwekwe Sunday.

Mnangagwa also said he was not going to attempt to please every Zimbabwean, adding that this was impossible.

The once prosperous country has endured endless crisis episodes with the Zanu PF led administration fingered for poor policies and lack of discipline in what has brought the rot.

But Mnangagwa felt the country could not be held hostage by past mistakes.

“The issues which concern us I think remain economic issues,” he said.

“The point of focus is how do we resuscitate our economy. In my view, there is no benefit in talking about how the economy collapsed under Zanu PF. None of us should live in the past.”

Mnangagwa added, “We cannot live in the past. We can only learn from the past to improve our future. It is necessary that we focus on current issues, benefiting from the wisdom of the past and the foolishness of the past.”

The Zanu PF leader, who has come under fire for apparently failing to rescue the economy from its downward spiral, said it was impossible to empower every Zimbabwean.

“It is easy to wish to empower everybody, it is easy to wish that everybody must have comfortable lives; good shelter, access to medicine, food, holidays in Zanzibar and a sizeable amount of money in the bank.

“I am not against all those things. What I found challenging is to attempt it on everybody,” he said.

Mnangagwa said while it was impossible for everyone to be equal, he was striving to create equal opportunities for all.

“We can never all of us be equal. What can be done is to have opportunities put at our disposal, have loans and have everyone access the loans,” he said.

“We can have, and we should have policies to empower our people…we must create windows where our youths access loans to empower themselves.

“We should move away from handouts. God even said a man must consume the fruits of his labour. What it means is that we must be productive because God’s inaugural speech is production,” he said.